Mycorrhizae Seed Technology (Buy 1 item per 20kg bag or acre) 

Mycorrhizae & Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria


All seeds and seed mixtures are now available with a mycorrhizae seed treatment, which is mixed into the seed mix when packed on site. Buy one product/ item per 20kg bag or acre and we will mix into the seed mixture/mixtures you order it with.


Please note: 

  • Mycorrhizae does not work with brassicas
  • Orders are made to order with Mycorrhizae - timescale 1-3 day delivery)


Why Buy this product?

• Improves establishment

• Increases the % of sown grasses in the sward over weeds

• Greatly improves root mass

• Increases nutrient uptake

• Less prone to disease and recovers faster after disease

• Increases plant tolerance to drought and stressful conditions


What is Mycorrhizae? A naturally occurring beneficial fungus that forms a symbiotic relationship with the plants. It attaches to the roots and becomes extensions of the root system. This dramatically expands access to moisture and nutrients from the soil. In return, the host plant feeds the fungi with sugars and organic substances.

MYCORRHIZAE SEED TECHNOLOGY - (Buy 1 item per 20kg bag or acre)

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