Mob Grazing Herbal Grass Seed Mix (12.5 Kg Acre Pack)

12.50%  PERUN Festulolium
20.00%  FOXTROT Perennial Ryegrass Dip
7.50%    COMER Timothy
10.00%  SPARTA Cocksfoot
12.50%  MERVIOT Red Clover
5.00%    ALICE White Clover
2.50%    MERWI White Clover
4.00%    DAISY Lucerne
16.00%  Common Vetch
2.50%    TONIC Plantain
2.50%    Sheeps Burnet
2.50%    Sheeps Parsley
0.50%    Yarrow
2.00%    CHOICE Chicory
100% (12.50 kg per acre)


Why Buy this product?

  • Diverse grass, legume and herb seed mix that creates a multi-functional sward 
  • Ideal tall grass grazing mixture, that armours the soil  
  • Deep rooted mixture capable of scavenging for micro-nutrients & moisture
  • Beneficial to soil health and increases soil organic matter
  • Strong legume content to maximise nitrogen production
  • High disease and stress tolerance
  • Dense canopy for maximum sunlight harvesting and minimal weed competition
  • High yielding mix capable of 10-14t DM/ha


MOB GRAZING....  The concept is simple. Graze a large number of cattle on a small acreage of land for a very short time. Then move them on allowing the land to enjoy long periods of rest before the cattle return..


This system has substantial benefits for the grass plant that creates a deeper  and more extensive root system below ground.


This Mob grazing principle requires leaving at least half the grass behind after grazing a plot known as  'laying down grass' The result, is that the grass plants can invest the nutrients back into their root system making for healthier plants.


Mob grazed cattle trample some forage onto the soil surface, increasing organic matter in the soil and feeding the microorganisms and other soil life. Incorporating cattle into an arable rotation offers financial benefits and improves soil quality, life, friability and water holding capacity of soils.


Mob grazing encourages the grass plants to complete their full lifecycle, improving overall capture of sunlight and improving the land’s productivity. A happy side-effect of allowing grasses to grow to maturity is that cattle are much healthier.


12.5 kg per Acre

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