Intensive Grass Seed Mix (Acre Pack) (4-8 Years Dual Purpose)

3.00 kgs Astonking Perennial Ryegrass Late Dip

3.00 kgs Toddingtonn Perennial Ryegrass Late Dip

2.50 kgs Nashota Perennial Ryegrass Late Tet

3.00 kgs Meiduno Perennial Ryegrass Late Tet

1.50 kgs Comer Timothy

1.00 kgs Canterbury White Clover Blend

14.00 kgs per acre


Why Buy this product? 

  • Popular late heading permanent mixture 
  • First class grazing mixture
  • Produces high yields
  • Highly palatable and digestible
  • Superb ground cover that will suppress weeds - very thick in the bottom
  • Formulated with grasses that nurse clovers for increased clover concentrations
  • Fixes high levels of atmospheric nitrogen through legume content
  • Option of including 1kg of Forage Rape (with regrowth).  The forage rape that re-grows better than Winifred after first graze
  • Option of including 1kg of Alsike for its clover content and ability to thrive in different pH values 


14 kg bag - 1 acre pack


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