Browntop Bent Grass Seed (Agrostis Tenuis) (Variety Manor)


Why Buy this product?

  • A small seeded, loosely tufted grass (spreading with short rhizomes)
  • Commonly used in amenity situations. Ideal for golf greens, bowling greens and any dense short turf 
  • Much finer leaves, less aggressive growth, lighter green colour and smaller plant than Highland Bent (Agrostis Castellana)
  • High shoot density
  • Early heading and good drought resistance
  • Weed suppressor as the plant colonises on thin areas
  • Little agricultural value
  • Found naturally in the UK on heaths, moorlands, pastures, waste ground, hills, mountains etc. Grows on a large range of soils however prefers acidic and free-draining soils. 
  • Usually requires a pH of 4-6
  • Usually requires 12-27 degrees to germinate
  • Flowers June-Aug
  • 10-70cm in height

Browntop Bent Grass Seed (Agrostis Tenuis)

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